Swans lay egg on Wapping canal

And now some real news – swan egg in Wapping! Opinion seems to be that it was laid last night. Here are some shots I took this afternoon and had a nice chat with Terry and Elaine too.

Let’s make sure we all keep an eye on the nest and make sure the swan egg can hatch in peace and quiet. Apparently they take two  – three weeks to hatch.

Dog owners note – the swans are highly protective now for obvious reasons and so please make sure your dog is on a lead if you walk past them. You and your dog will come off worse in a fight believe me! They were not at all intimidated by a large Rottweiler today.

Click on any of the photos below to view a larger version.
Swan on nest with egg, Wapping Canal

Swan egg, Wapping Canal

Swan's webbed foot and egg, Wapping Canal

Swan on nest with egg, Wapping Canal

Swans on nest with egg, Wapping Canal

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