Perry E. Grin spotted in Wapping

The variety of Wapping Wildlife continues to broaden with the sighting of Perry E. Grin at The Highway. Tanya Downs has only recently moved to the area and took these two photos on her phone last week.

Peregrine falcon
Peregrine falcon

In Tanya’s own words:

“I was just relaxing on the balcony and I see his tail over the side of the top of the building. Then he turns around and we just kind of stared at each other… And when I ran in to grab a proper camera, he’d gone (obviously camera shy!).

When a friend and I were sat outside a week or so before this, a stream of white feathers were coming from the roof…like loads of them! Feeding time methinks! I’m sure I’ve also heard little chirps… But don’t know if that’s wishful thinking! Made my day to see Perry so close!”

Many thanks to Tanya for sharing the photos of the peregrine falcon with us all. In fact if Tanya has a pair of binoculars she might even get to be a Wapping Wildlife Ranger. Maybe….

You can find out more about  Perry E. Grin (Falco peregrinus) here on the RSPB site.

Perry is believed to be living around the Cannon Street Road junction with The Highway area. I think a peregrine has been spotted in the past around St. Paul’s church in Shadwell.

None of the Wildlife Rangers have spotted Perry as yet and for my own part I have only ever seen one at Tate Modern when the RSPB had a special falcon display there a couple of years back.

If the falcon is breeding then this might explain the reduced number of ducks in the Basin and along the canal. I don’t think the falcon has eaten all the missing ducks as they prefer pigeons but it could be a reason for their lower numbers. And why the Egyptian Geese have moved to Rotherhithe to nest?

New resident or just passing through?

It will be interesting to see if Perry E. Grin stays with us and how the local wildlife population will adapt.

I wonder what other feathered curiosities have been happening in Wapping this week? Yes, I wonder….

For more information about peregrine falcons:

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