Eggs-actly how many swan eggs were there?

For those swan egg watchers among us this week has been a bit confusing.

Last week we were pleased to see that the swans on the canal had laid one egg. One. Which is not a lot but living in E1 it is still great to see.

Then this week the Wapping Wildlife Rangers received reports of there being another much smaller egg on the nest. Many thanks to Paul (@eastendwestend) and David (@DavidGillott) for spotting this as they walked and ran past the nest. (Well, I am assuming Paul walked past but you never know…)

Which was all a little confusing. So I popped along and took the photo below.

Big swan egg plus small egg
Big swan egg plus small egg

Then the Wildlife Rangers, who were now on full alert, were informed that the smaller egg had gone.


Then this morning the Wildlife Rangers got a tweet from David saying:

“Sad news but the egg disappeared between 11 and 11.30 this morning. The infanticide may have been the large crow in the nest.”

Which was obviously not good. We had gone from one swan egg to one swan egg plus one small egg to one swan egg to no eggs of any shape, size or colour.

On the way back from an appointment with a well known local Corvus corax group I went down the canal to see the bad news with a heavy heart.

To find that the egg was back.


Just swanning around?

Had the egg wandered off by itself? Gone for a swim perhaps? Popped in to the Turks Head for a cuppa? Or just swanned off?

I think – and this is pure conjecture – that the swans may have covered the egg up as they grazed up and down the canal. But if so this is the first time they have done this to my knowledge.

Good news and bad news

Anyway the good news is that the swan egg seems ok, bad news is that the swans don’t seem to be sitting on it enough and the swan nest is still in a vulnerable position. Note: No reply to my email to Tower Hamlets Parks Department. Maybe we don’t have a Parks Department anymore?

I wonder what other feathered curiosities have been happening in Wapping this week? Yes, I wonder….

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