Have you got the best garden in East London?

Well, have you? Want to find out? Yes? Good Then you should enter the Best Garden in East London Competition 2013. You can find the website here.

Now as many of you are aware I know about as much about plants as I do about the inner workings of the Freemasons but I do know that plants, unlike the Freemasons, are a very good thing!

Living on the Green Bank I always consider the start of summer is when the flowers lovingly tended by my opposite door neighbour Roy begin to bloom. Just a few hanging baskets transform the front garden and make the world a nicer place to be in.

A terrific way to get more bees in Wapping

And another good reason for planting more flowers are the bees! In company with the Chief Goose Wrangler I met an apiarist called Sharon in Rotherhithe at the weekend (I knew the Brunel Tunnel went somewhere) and it was great to see what Sharon and her bees were up to.

Anyway back to the Best Garden in East London 2013 competition. Details below and on their website. Get planting! I might even join in.

Best Garden in East London 2013

The Categories

  • Best Individual Garden
  • Best Community Garden – this to include schools and gardens tended by faiths
  • Best Balcony/Container Garden
  • Opt In – this category any person may enter should they see something which they feels enriches the community e.g a special tree, an amazing pot plant etc. All a person has to do is to make note of something within the gardening world, then let us know.

The Criteria – this to be taken into account by the judges when awarding points:

  • Areas given over for the encouragement of pollinators i.e. Butterflies, Bees, Birds.
  • Best eco use of the environment.
  • Presentation
  • Best garden taking into account the changing climate.
  • Most cared for garden.

The Launch date is 11th May 2013 ·with The Lea Valley at 3 Mills.

Deadline for entries 8th June 2013.

Judging finalised by 31st July 2013.


Kevin Jenkins OBE
The East London Society
105 Barking Road
E16 4HQ

Email: eastlondongardensocietv@ginail.com

facebook: The East London Garden Society



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