Wapping Rose Gardens Daffodil Planting Party 20th April – Cancelled


This event  has been cancelled due to my complete lack of knowledge of how plants work 🙂 Thanks Rosemary!

For those Wapping residents who are also horticulturally challenged like myself it’s the wrong time of year to plant daffodils. So (a) there is no point and (b) even if there was it would probably harm the existing ones as it would be a little crowded.

The good news! The daffodils will bloom again!

On Monday (is it Friday already?) I asked Mr Hussey about the viability of our Plant Party and he asked the very sensible question: “Where they cut or pulled up? If they were cut they will bloom again next year.”

Love Wapping Daffodil Crisis Control Team

So I sent the Love Wapping Daffodil Crisis Control Team to investigate. They reported back that a forensic examination of the scene revealed that the daffodils in question had been cut. So they will bloom again!

Just a pity we won’t see them this year. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! But there are lots more lovely green spaces in Wapping filled with daffodils so this weekend why not get out and enjoy them?

And of course if you see some scumbag stealing them then act as any responsible citizen would.

Say it with flowers


When I heard via Twitter that a family (three adults, two children) of scumbags lowlifes  naughty people thieves had systematically stolen EVERY daffodil from Wapping Rose Gardens my blood boiled.

But then I thought don’t get angry, get even!

Don’t tweet, act

When I first started Love Wapping I suggested that it would not be just about communicating stuff but getting out there and acting. This seems to be a good place to start. So….

Wapping Rose Gardens Daffodil Planting Party

I am announcing the first Wapping Rose Gardens Daffodil Planting Party to be held next Saturday 20th April from 12 noon. All welcome! Here’s the plan:

  1. Turn up with daffodil bulbs and things to make little holes in the ground
  2. Put the daffodil bulbs in the holes
  3. Have fun doing it and make some new friends
  4. Er… that’s it! Simples!

I have emailed the Parks Department at Tower Hamlets Council to ask them if it’s ok to do this but I don’t like red tape so think we should just get on with it.

A small problem

Only small problem is I know nothing about plants. Well I do know Wapping is looking lovely with all the flowers coming up which have been planted by the Tower Hamlets Parks Department.

I have at least one volunteer who knows about plants (thanks K Gunnarsson you are a star!) but some more would be good. So let me know.

Guest appearance by Veronica the Wapping Raven

All welcome – children, young, old, dogs, cats, squirrels, rabbits. Possible guest appearance by Veronica the Wapping Raven. No need to book.

Just bring some bulbs and make sure the squirrels don’t eat them!

And of course once the plants are planted we need to make sure no other scumbag steals them.

We do not just shrug our shoulders

The Wapping Rose Gardens Daffodil Planting Party is a small and easy thing to do. But the importance of it is to show that as a community we do not just shrug our shoulders and walk by when something bad happens.

We go fix it.

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  1. Just one snag: autumn is daffodil planting season. You are unlikely to find many daffodil bulbs in the shops now. Better to buy a large bag or two in August/September. And don’t worry. Squirrels don’t like daffodil bulbs. They prefer crocuses.

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