The battle to Save King Edward Memorial park continues

Profits or Park?

Lots of issues that concern people who live in Wapping can be quite complex, others are very simple. The battle to Save King Edward Memorial Park is the latter.

Greenfield or brownfield?

Thames Water want to build a super sewer. In our area they have the option of destroying King Edward Memorial Park (KEMP), the only significant green space between Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf, or to use a brownfield site.

As the only thing Thames Water cares about is maximising profits for their shareholders they want to convert KEMP into a building site for seven years and change its nature for ever.

We love our park – sod off Thames Water

As we live in Wapping and Shadwell and love our park we want them to sod off and leave our park alone.

Thames Water can use the brownfield site at Heckford.

It’s that simple.

If you have only recently moved to the wonderful world that is Wapping then you might not know that much about our battle with Thames Water. To find out more you can go and visit the Save King Edward Memorial Site website to get all the background information.

The story so far….

But in brief here’s what has been going on

  • Thames Water have repeatedly lied to residents (after we are only East Enders, not shareholders, right?)
  • They have spied on us (and denied it of course)
  • Their ‘consultation process’ was a sham
  • 5,000 leaflets were either eaten by the Wapping squirrels or they just weren’t distributed
  • We have marched on City Hall (and lots of other protests too)
  • We have slept in the park
  • We have sung in the park
  • The Save KEMP campaign is supported by all our local councillors
  • Tower Hamlets Council is also a resolute supporter
  • Our MP Jim Fitzpatrick and GLA Member John Biggs support us 100%
  • We have scared the life out of the Thames Water suits at public meetings (great fun, you should try it!)
  • Professors, painters and pensioners alike have all voiced their disgust at the proposal and the manner in which Thames Water have carried out their ‘consultation’
  • And we fight on!

A long and protracted battle

But the battle is not over yet. This is a long and protracted battle and we need to show those who would profit from our park that it is not going to happen. The latest skirmish is that Thames Water’s plans for the ‘Super Sewer’ are being scrutinised by the Planning Inspectorate.

Register with the Planning Inspectorate and have your say

You can now register with the Planning Inspectorate as an interested party so you can have your say.

The best way to do this is to follow this well written guide by the Save KEMP team on their website.

Other things you can do to Save King Edward Memorial Park.

  • Attend the Planning Inspectorate outreach The first ‘outreach’ event on May 2nd at Shadwell’s Glamis Tenants’ Hall at 414 Cable Street, corner of Glamis Road, drop-in 10am to 7pm with a presentation and Q&A between 7pm and 8pm.
  • If you can’t make that attend the on at City Hall 14th May, drop in: 10am – 2pm, presentation and Q&A: 7pm – 8pm
  • Visit the Save KEMP site and get informed
  • Sign the petition to Save KEMP here
  • Follow Save KEMP on twitter @savekemp
  • Be active.

Don’t just sit back and accept this corporate nonsense

It’s your park. You can save it. What’s stopping you?

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