Broken street? Then report it and get Tower Hamlets Council to fix it

Going to the shops shouldn’t be so dangerous

Wapping Lane has a great range of shops which means you can shop locally and put your cash back into the local economy rather than into the pockets of a supermarket chain.

The only problem is that sometimes negotiating the pavement outside the chemists, Post Office, Husseys vegetables and Best One is like tackling an assault course.

Broken paving in Wapping LaneThe paving outside these shops has been broken for at least a year and now it is getting dangerous to walk there.

Several of the paving slabs tilt when you step on them (see photo left) and when it rains you have to negotiate various puddles.

This is tricky enough normally but if you are collecting your pension from the Post Office or a mum with a pram going to the chemists it is plain dangerous.

Someone is going to trip on these paving stones and injure themselves.

Could we get a new pavement before we get a new town hall please?

So before the Major builds a new town hall I was wondering if he could get someone to fix this? Probably cheaper than a town hall. Could be more useful too.

How to report a problem in your street

Anyway there are two ways of reporting problems like graffiti, fly tipping, broken paving slabs, or street lighting (to report Anti Social Behaviour call 101 of course).

This morning I have done both and now let’s see what happens shall we?

You can see the report I filed on the FixMyStreet site here.

Don’t just wait, get it fixed

If you have a similar problem where you live in Wapping then don’t just wait for it to be fixed, use either of the links above and get it fixed. I would be grateful for any details of how quickly your repairs took.

Update 12 March 2013

Impressed that Love Wapping has already received an email from Customer Services at Tower Hamlets telling us that the broken pavement as detailed above has been  ‘assigned to the Street Care team to investigate/resolve with an estimated planned completion of 28 days.

Looking at the rest of the email from Tower Hamlets this has come via the FixMyStreet site.

So all we have to do now is see how long it takes to actually get the pavement fixed.


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