Wapping Woods update & SNT meeting 6th February

A flyer from the Labour Party was popped through my letterbox this morning and as it covers what’s been done with Wapping Woods I thought I would share it with you.

Generous, huh?

Obviously I am not affiliated to any political party, I just support and vote for the ones who get stuff done. Simples. Any errors are down to me and my OCR package.

Edited text from newsletter from Cllr. Denis Jones

“Following on from the public meeting with residents, police, council officers and councillors on 8th January I am writing to update you on action taken so far to improve safety in Wapping Woods. At that meeting, residents wanted some bushes to be pruned, better lighting, CCTV cameras installed and increased police patrols around the area.
The bushes have now been trimmed and on Wednesday night council officers responsible for lighting, CCTV, Highways and Community safety and a police officer walked the park with residents and councillors to plan a schedule of improvements. We identified dark areas where anti social behaviour occurs. We agreed some of the existing yellow lights will be upgraded to white lights on the main pathways and some extra brighter lights placed on the ramps near the canal and by the bridge on Garnet Street.
Planning gain money from the development on Wapping Lane will cover costs subject to approval. 
The next joint meeting of Residents and St Katharine’s and Wapping Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) to discuss action on crime hotspots in the area is on 6th February at 6pm at St George’s Town Hall, Cable Street.
You are welcome to come and have your say.
Yours sincerely,
Cllr Denise Jones”

Thanks to Denise and crew

All good stuff, no? And a big thanks to Denise and crew for sorting this out.

And remember the Safer Neighbourhood Team meeting tomorrow night 6th February at 6pm at St. George’s Town Hall.

Dont whinge if you don’t turn up

If you can’t come because of work or family or whatever then fine, but if you won’t come because you can’t be bothered then don’t complain the police don’t listen to your concerns!

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