Wapping gets a new illegal taxi rank!

Have you ever been sitting in a traffic jam in Vaughan Way and wondered what causes it?

Have you ever been late for work because the bus is stuck?

Ever watched as the D100 driver tries to squeeze his vehicle through a gap which is just too small?

Yes? You have? So have the rest of us! And now I know why!

Taxis and limousines parked illegally on double yellow lines outside News International

Wapping's newest cab rank

Photo © Copyright 2012 Ash Who Films Traffic Lights Not Changing.

This photo illustrates the problem perfectly. Although it’s difficult to see at this size the registrations of the vehicles parked illegally are as follows:

  • M2 BRU
  • NJ12 KWE
  • R33 BRU

The vehicle on the right of the photo (and probably the one on the left too) belongs to brucar.com which is ‘A private hire car service for Londoner’s, we’re affordable, secure and green.”

While I am sure brucar.com is affordable by parking illegally on double yellow lines they are bleeding dangerous! And creating a traffic jam is not green either!

I feel a tweet coming on. Maybe two!

Brucar are on Twitter you know! They are @brucar_com . I think I feel a tweet coming on. How about you? I am sure you can think of something to tweet to them about. No? Oh well just read on then…

I have to admit I hadn’t given this much thought until the recent Wapping Bloggers meetup where one of our number. Ash, explained what was going on in between a break filming traffic lights not changing.

A new taxi rank in Wapping for arrogant selfish drivers

It seems that the drivers of the various cars, taxis and limousines who are presumably used by News International staff in Thomas More Square just park on the double yellow lines in Vaughan Way and so have created a new taxi rank.

Arrogant, aren’t they?  They seem to think that the law does not apply to them. Well it does and they are going to find out it does (snigger)…

On a normal wide road this would be bad enough, double yellow lines are put in place for a reason, but in Vaughan Way it is essentially restricts it to one lane. At best.

So everyone gets stuck, especially the bus.

Only poor people use public transport, right?

But then I suppose the arrogant drivers (I want to use another word which rhymes with truckers but I am too polite…) who park their posh cars, taxis and limousines on the double yellow lines must think that the poor people who have to use public transport – that’s us folks – are second class citizens.

You can understand their logic of course. I always thought everyone used limousines until I discovered the Underground and Overground. And the big red things on the roads are full of poor people! They even have to share seats! How terribly distressing for them.

We lesser mortals should be grateful

Maybe these drivers and their employers and brucar.com actually own the road? And we, the lesser mortals who live in Wapping, should be grateful for being allowed to use it?

Er, no. Don’t think so.

So anyway that’s the problem and now we need to get it sorted. I will be making sure the Safer Neighbourhood Team are aware of this and we can all check that the illegal taxi rank for posh people disappears.

We might even see posh people on the bus! How terribly trendy of them!

Not sure what the Twitter address of brucar is?

I realise this has been a long and arduous post to read. Almost as bad as sitting in a traffic jam in Vaughan Way. So in case you have forgotten and can’t be bothered to scroll back up the page I should remind you that Brucar are on Twitter you know! They are @brucar_com

And in the interests of editorial balance the Twitter address for News International is @newsintl