Wapping crime drought continues

Report on the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) residents Ward Panel meeting

Evening all! Just back on freezing cold night from the Ward Panel meeting at St. George’s. I can’t report everything that was discussed for reasons of security (don’t worry, it wasn’t that interesting) but here’s an overview of the meeting hosted by Sgt Jak Bentley who runs our local SNT policing operation.

You can read the minutes of the public meetings on 8th January and 6th February regarding Wapping Woods on the Metropolitan Police Service website here.

The bit of London that crime forgot?

Basically there is an amazing lack of crime in Wapping.

In the last eight weeks (since the Wapping Woods attack essentially) the following crimes took place.

  • 4 burglaries
  • 6 motor vehicle crimes
  • 1 robbery

Er, that’s it.

These statistics don’t include reports of Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) but even those would hardly cause a crime ripple. Mainly because often they aren’t crimes. Some people seem to think lads making a noise when having a game of footie in the park is anti-social.. Enough said.

Mugging in Wapping

Of special concern to many was the street robbery (aka mugging) which took place yesterday. Apparently the scumbag suspect was apprehended by a member of the public who hung on to the lowlife offender until the Robbery Team turned up and arrested him. More details on this when they become available.

Back your motor bike up

Several of the vehicle crime incidents relate to someone stealing the number plates from motor cycles. This one is a little tricky to stop but the advice from the SNT is that if possible back your motor bike up against a wall so it is very tricky to remove the plates. Simples!

Apart from the above crime report the local policing patrol plan was discussed and it was agreed that problems with drugs and ASB would be a priority including Pennington Street of course.

By saying that drugs and ASB are a priority this does not mean that other stuff gets ignored. Sgt Bentley is particularly keen to nail the people nicking the motor bike number plates.

I brought up a few issues that had been mentioned to me including:

  • Continued speeding in Wapping High Street
  • People drinking in the stairwell of Willoughby House
  • The illegal News International taxi rank in Vaughan Way

Regarding the illegal taxi rank this is not really a crime matter as such but hopefully it will be dealt with.

As always please remember that if you see a crime or ASB happening and do nothing about it then it will likely keep happening! I have noticed regular patrols through the Green Bank estate where I live but the police can’t be everywhere and rely on the general public to let them know what is going on.

If you see it report it

So if you see something happening then for non-urgent issues ring 101 or 999 if it is urgent or you are unsure.

As ever the weather is a very effective police officer and while it continues to be chilly we can hope that the general lack of crime continues. Of course if we have a summer this year then there will probably be more crime. But even then Wapping will still be a great place to live, work and visit.

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