Better lighting installed for a safer Wapping

Evidence that the local government system works in Tower Hamlets

It is very easy for any of us to whinge about things that are wrong but it is so much more fun saying thanks when things go right.

Lighting along Wapping canal being fixed

During one of my patrols around Wapping (aka coming back from Waitrose) I noticed a team of workmen attacking the lighting along the canal at the bend between Asher Way and Waterman Way with a metal cutter, fiddling with wires on another and filling in a trench.

May Gurney team hard at work on behalf of Tower Hamlets & Wapping residents
May Gurney team hard at work on behalf of Tower Hamlets & Wapping residents

Being the inquisitive type I wandered over and asked what they were doing – replacing the lighting was the answer! Top marks!

A small thing but a big thing

Apparently they are removing the old lights which only seem to light the News International wall, moving lights nearer to the path and generally sorting stuff out.

While at one level this is not a big thing I think it is a very big thing because it shows that our system of local government in Wapping works. The people have an issue, the people tell their representatives there is a problem and Tower Hamlets gets it fixed.

A big Wapping thank you to everyone involved

So a big thanks to everyone who turned out to the Wapping Woods meetings!

And an especially big Wapping style thanks to our councillors, the Tower Hamlets team, our Safer Neighbourhood Team and the guys from May Gurney who were out there in the snow doing the hard work!

I thanked each of the May Gurney team individually on behalf of the residents of Wapping (hope that is ok by you?) and told them we appreciated what they were doing and it would make a difference.

Say thanks too!

They appreciated it so if you wander along the canal and see them say thanks too!

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  1. I don’t think I will be wandering (well, wheeling in my case) down that side of the canal any time soon as the cold weather limits the distance my power chair is willing to travel. So thanks for saying thank you on my behalf.

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