Wapping Woods – A message from Jim Fitzpatrick MP

Have received an email in the last hour from our MP, Jim Fitzpatrick.

Email message from Jim

“Firstly, please find attached a copy of the statement I prepared for the recent public meeting I was unable to attend.  Unfortunately, there was some sort of glitch and the email didn’t get through, so couldn’t be read out.  However, it at least gives an indication of my involvement, and in general the ongoing efforts to make Wapping Woods a safer place for all.

I have received a very comprehensive feedback in respect of the meeting, from Councillor Denise Jones.  I hope everyone who wished to voice their opinion and concerns had the chance to do so.  I am assured this was the case.

I understand that WiFi CCTV will be installed, bushes and shrubs pruned (this work already underway/done), lighting to be improved and mended more swiftly, and the youth service will look into working with the youths who frequent Wapping Woods.  I know that residents want more resources for police officers on the beat, and that residents asked about the allocation of the S106 planning gain money from the development at 21 Wapping Lane.  Denise informs me that Heather Bonfield of Tower Hamlets Council promised to look into that.

Denise says that policing and police response issues were also discussed at the meeting, and that the next police/resident panel is on 6 February, 6pm at St George’s Town Hall.

I shall share with you any further news that I receive, and I trust you will do the same.

Best wishes.  Jim”

And here is the statement:

Statement by Jim Fitzpatrick, MP for Poplar and Limehouse

“I’m sorry I can’t be with you this evening – unfortunately I have Commons business plus another meeting afterwards.  My thanks to Cllr Denise Jones and others for organising.

I know how concerned local people are about the attacks in Wapping Woods, having been contacted by a number of constituents seeking urgent but long-lasting action to make the area safer.

On hearing the latest news over the Christmas/New Year break, I telephoned Bethnal Green Police Station to speak to duty officers and senior officers, and I’ve been much reassured by the police activity which has resulted in them arresting and charging an individual who has mental health issues.  There is high confidence that we will see justice done in respect of this person’s crimes, which have caused such worry and fear locally.

Whilst regarding the police response as excellent, I know that residents want to see longer term action, not only from the police but from Tower Hamlets Council, also.  I want this, too and wrote to both organisations accordingly.

I will make sure those who have contacted me continue to receive feedback on this case.  If you haven’t contacted me but wish to be included in my updates, please pass on your contact details to Denise, or you can email me at jim.fitzpatrick.mp@parliament.uk or ring my office on 020 7219 5085.  Alternatively, you can write to me at the House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA.

I hope the meeting is successful in allowing you to voice your concerns and receive information on the latest developments relating to this case and to the future safety of people who use Wapping Woods.”

Thanks for Jim’s office for passing this on to us, and as you can see from the second to last paragraph please contact Jim directly if you wish.

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