Reclaim Wapping Woods

Make Wapping Woods a safe place to enjoy

To put this post in context in December 2012 two women were assaulted in Wapping Woods, one in the evening one in broad daylight. It is believed these assaults are linked.

As of 31 December 2012 a person had been arrested in relation to these incidents.

Wapping is a great place to live but we all need to look after it – it is not just up to the Police to ensure our security. We all have an individual duty.

My view is that simple measures such as much improved lighting in Wapping Woods and ensuring that bushes near paths are trimmed back on a regular basis would help enormously. But that’s just me!

A safe haven for low lives?

Wapping Woods is in danger of becoming a safe haven for criminals and general low lives to drink, intimidate and occasionally mug and assault people. These people need to be the ones who feel unsafe there, not ordinary people out for a walk or a run.

So let’s get something done people!

Tell our elected representatives what you think

If the ordinary people of Wapping and Shadwell want to reclaim Wapping Woods we need to contact our elected representatives and ask them to get things done.

This is what our councillors and MP do, so let them know what you think. They want to hear from you (not just about Wapping Woods obviously but it’s a start).

Contact Details for local councillors representing St. Katharine’s and Wapping

Councillor Shafiqul Haque (Independent)

Telephone: 0207 364 4747
Mobile: 07828 473505

Councillor Denise Jones (Labour)

Telephone: 020 7364 3237
Mobile: 07956 103483

Councillor Emma Jones (Conservative)

Telephone: 0207 364 3237
Mobile: 07904 605752

Website: Tower Hamlets meet your councillor

Mayor of Tower Hamlets on Twitter

Send Mayor Lutfur a tweet too! @MayorLutfur

Contact Details for Jim Fitzpatrick MP for Poplar and Limehouse

Telephone hotline (24 hours) 020 7219 5085/6215



I emailed all of the above late on New Years Eve and within a couple of hours had a reply back from Jim Fitzpatrick  MP telling me he was on the case with the Wapping Woods issue.

I also know that Councillor Denise Jones has also been in touch with other residents.

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