21 Wapping Lane Planning Gain dosh is not £1m – it’s £1.4m (updated)

Local resident, blogger, cartography fan, West End critic and occasional auditor Paul Kellaway just happens to have done a break down of the Planning Gain (Section 106) money Tower Hamlets got from the developers of 21 Wapping Lane.

(You should also check out Paul’s blog, Pootling Around. )

Planning Gain (Section 106) dosh 21 Wapping Lane analysis

Please see breakdown below. And notice the big number is not £1m but £1.4m.



Total Payable

S106 Clause Reference

Capital works for healthcare facilities



Bus network contribution






Highway works
Raised table


Pavement improvements (south)


Moving bus stops


Pavement improvements (north)



Schedule 3







Item column  is the specific descriptions of what contributions are for.

Amount column is the separate amounts for specific types of highway works.

Total payable column is the total contribution payable for each type of expenditure.

S106 Clause Reference column is a cross reference to the clause in the s106 agreement.

Paul’s review was of the legal agreement between the council and developers which you can find here:


On this application (Ref PA/06/01787):


Paul has a copy of all S106 monies spent since 2000 across LBTH and nothing from 21 Wapping lane is listed as of October 2012.

Editors note: Many thanks to Paul for sharing this analysis. Abysmal layout on this web page is down to a combination of WordPress, HTML and me, none of whom were designed to deal with spreadsheets. 

UPDATE Saturday 12 January 2013

A resident at 21 Wapping Lane has sent Love Wapping some information regarding the Section 106 money allocation.

As 21 Wapping Lane backs up against Wapping Woods, it is obvious that a large chunk (looks like 250k earmarked) is to go to open space. Not sure what chunk of that is for Wapping Woods.

There is no board as such for 21 Wapping Lane (as far as I’m aware) but I’m sure that everyone here would aim the funds to the woods.

Thanks very much for that info!

Obviously £250,000 is not a huge amount of money, you couldn’t buy a studio flat for that in Wapping, it would need a lot more to get Wapping Woods completely changed so that crime is driven out and ordinary people are invited in.

And where that would come from is anybody’s guess. Any suggestions please use the comments below.

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