£1m Planning Gain money from 21 Wapping Lane

Those who attended the Wapping Woods meeting last night may recall one person asking the representatives of Tower Hamlets how much Planning Gain (Section 106) money Tower Hamlets had got from the developers of 21 Wapping Lane.

Amanda Day – Wapping’s Sherlock Holmes

Well Amanda Day of the Turks Head Company has discovered that the answer is £1,000,000.

Yes, one million pounds.

Well done Amanda!

Amanda suggested this should be used to completely redevelop Wapping Woods. As another person pointed out last night it should be ‘family friendly’.

At the moment Wapping Woods is not somewhere you go to – it is somewhere you walk through on the way to somewhere else.

And spending the money on changing the landscape would probably be better than spending it on CCTV.

Design crime out of Wapping Woods

So maybe this huge sum of money could be used to ‘design out’ crime from Wapping Woods?

Of course it might be that someone at Tower Hamlets has earmarked this dosh for something else.

In which case tough. We want it for our community thanks!

Further Reading

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