Denise Jones and Julia Dockerill win in Wapping on 47% turnout

At last! Denise Jones (Labour) and Julia Dockerill (Conservative) have been elected as our councillors in Wapping. Well done both!There was a really good turnout in Wapping, 46.28%. Impressive. More details when... Read more »
Image taken by Lee Parker for London’s Air Ambulance Copyright 2014

London’s Air Ambulance needs Wapping’s support

Wop wop wop wop…. we are all familiar with the sight and sound of the red London Air Ambulance flying over Wapping.Unfortunately sometimes it lands in Wapping and helps residents in dire... Read more »

Stench of propaganda poisons the air of Tower Hamlets

It’s odd how some stories write themselves. This story is different from the one I was going to write this morning for the simple reason that the one thing I did not... Read more »

New Wapping Woods lighting – photos

Just a few photographs to show the new lighting in Wapping Woods. Many thanks to all involved in getting this sorted, especially our local Councillors and Peter from Tower Hamlets Council.And a... Read more »

Violent muggings in Wapping – but how many?

Normally sedate Wapping has once again become the scene of violent muggings. The question is just how many? Three confirmed assaults in Wapping WoodsIn just over a week there have been three... Read more »