Tower Hamlets General Election 2017 Polling Day Policing Updates

Tower Hamlets police are mounting an extensive operation across the Borough today to ensure the integrity of the democratic process. They are providing key stakeholders and the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) with... Read more »

Vote for democracy today. Every vote strengthens our way of life.

In case anyone had not realised today is the day to cast your vote (and only your vote) in the General Election 2017.LW has not interest in who you vote for, but... Read more »

Tower Hamlets Council fails voters even before General Election 2017 polls open

Despite all the good work being put in by the police it seems as if the Council’s IT department have failed to carry out a basic job yet again.LW has previously criticised... Read more »

Tower Hamlets Elections 2017 Current Police Situation Report 06 June

As a result of the electoral corruption endemic in Tower Hamlets during recent years, in the run up to the General Election on 8th June 2017 (tomorrow!)  the Metropolitan Police have worked closely with... Read more »

Tower Hamlets Mayoral election – how to vote on 11th June

Apparently there is an election coming up in Tower Hamlets. News to us. Anyhow on 11th June there are the Mayoral and Stepney Green elections (Tower Hamlets council link). Obviously that’s two elections but,... Read more »