Met Police asks for Leafletgate witnesses

New Scotland Yard has asked that anyone that has any information that may assist the Police in relation to the ‘Leafletgate’ enquiry to email or call 101 quoting Cris 421 290 47/15  Click here to... Read more »

Council staff warned not to destroy records

Below is a photo taken of what is presumably the content of an email sent to Tower Hamlets Council staff printed and stuck on the door of the Executive Mayor’s office at... Read more »

Special ‘You had one job’ Souvenir Poster Download

In celebration of the events of Thursday LW is offering all (well, both) it’s readers the opportunity to download this special ‘cut-out-and-keep’ poster of the ex-Mayor and chum. Click the image above... Read more »

Tower Hamlets electoral petition verdict expected Thursday

At long last the wait is – almost – over. This Thursday 23rd April the Election Commissioner Richard Mawrey QC will give his verdict on the petition brought to challenge the result of... Read more »
Tower Hamlets town hall - big but not very clever.

Tower Hamlets audit report reveals grants funding shambles

A Tower Hamlets council audit report paints a grim picture of an almost total lack of control in relation to the awarding and monitoring of grants across the borough. The internal audit report, which... Read more »