Determined squirrel after nuts

General Election results analysis by the Wapping Squirrels

Editors note: In times of chaos and confusion, when the world really is upside down, we alway rely on the wisdom of the Wapping Squirrels. LW was allowed to attend a Squirrel... Read more »

At last! Funny animated GIF of cats & squirrel

All of the editorial team here at <heart> Wapping would like to apologise for the unadulterated torrent of political filth stories we have been running recently.And if you found them painful to... Read more »
Brown Paws, Acting Chief Executive

Exclusive: DCLG asks Wapping Squirrels to run Tower Hamlets Council

Love Wapping can exclusively reveal that the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has decided to ask the Wapping Squirrels to run Tower Hamlets Council.This statement to the House of Commons by Communities... Read more »
Secondary voting is not as complicated as nuts.

Tower Hamlets Mayoral election – Secondary Choice voting explained by Thin Tail the squirrel

Our political staff have covered the issue of how you get a second choice when voting for Mayor of Tower Hamlets previously but it seems many are still unaware of the second choice... Read more »