Shadwell Basin footpath overrun with rats (Warning: story contains rats)

If you go down to Shadwell Basin today you are in for a big surprise - because the footpath at the southern end of the Basin is overrun with rats.  Read more »

Wildlife under threat as takeover of Shadwell Basin by swimmers continues

The numerous unauthorised swimmers in Shadwell Basin have ignored polite requests not to swim in the old dock and have now decided to remodel it based on their own needs to the... Read more »

Stop swimming at Shadwell Basin asks Mayor. Meh, reply swimmers

Mayor John Biggs has asked the numerous people who come from all over east and south London to swim in Shadwell Basin to please not do it. Read more »

Person drowns at Shadwell Basin

Unconfirmed reports today of a person drowned in Shadwell Basin. The photo below of large numbers of people swimming in the Basin last year shows the numbers who are attracted to the... Read more »

Kingfishers spotted at Shadwell Basin

Kingfishers have been seen early in the morning at Shadwell Basin. It seems these amazing birds are best spotted at first light up until around six a.m. If you don’t know what... Read more »