Finally, a petition worth signing. Reject the Raines House Planning Application

Please sign to reject the Raines House, Wapping Planning Application on 27th September and stop the still unexplained lunacy of spending £1,300,000 of money the borough does not have. Read more »

Raines House Wapping and the non-existent community groups

Exactly what has been going on at Raines House prior to the £1.3m refurbishment of the building is still unclear despite a heavily redacted response to a Freedom of Information ... Read more »

£63,000 financial irregularities at Tower Hamlets community centre

Whisper it quietly but at the last Tower Hamlets Council cabinet meeting on 21st March there was public mention of around £63k of financial irregularities at Raines House Wapping - this is... Read more »

Another Raines House consultation – with only 24 hours notice

There will be another 'consultation' about the proposal to spend £1.3m on renovating Raines House to upgrade its function as a Wapping community centre tomorrow Wednesday 22nd May between 4-8pm at Raines... Read more »

“Raine’s House will NOT be closed” says John Biggs

This statement just in from Mayor John Biggs clarifying the situation with Raine’s House ahead of the ‘Ask the Mayor’ event at Hermitage School tonight 7.30 - 9pm. Read more »