Rabina Khan’s Great Photoshop Disaster Heralds Politics As Usual

‘Tis election time in Tower Hamlets! The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, the streets are alive with the chatter of informed political discourse and Tower Hamlets First are busy cranking... Read more »

Rabina’s dog-whistle politics drags Mayoral election campaign into gutter

Any election campaign in Tower Hamlets soon sees proceedings slide into the filth and stink of the gutter.  Corruptly-elected Cllr. Rabina Khan has taken an early lead this year with an election leaflet (below)... Read more »

How THF grabbed tenants phone numbers for electioneering

During both the 2014 and 2015 Mayoral elections the Tower Hamlets First / Independent / Whatever Party sent residents text messages asking them for their vote.Nothing unusual in that, most political organisations do this.Problem... Read more »

Two mayoral candidates? Or one mayoral candidate?

This photo of an election leaflet from Rabina Khan’s team was forwarded to LW earlier this afternoon.Not being Bengali speakers we do not know what the text says. (See update below).Without understanding the... Read more »

Never buy a cheap television from a burglar

Had your TV stolen?Been offered a cheap TV that looks just like yours by a total stranger?Funnily enough quite a few borough residents are having that “Are you taking the mickey?” reaction to... Read more »