Tower Hamlets council’s £100m cuts consultation sham

When is a public consultation over £100m cuts not a public consultation? When it is run by Tower Hamlets council, that’s when.Facing making service cuts of £100m Tower Hamlets council is paying... Read more »
Döner Kebab in_Istanbul photo by Döner_Kebab in Istanbul, photo by Matt @ PEK

Mayor Lutfur spends £128,000 trying to block BBC Panorama documentary

Ah what it is to be so rich you can blow £128,000.  You could get 25,000 Doner kebabs for that – and chips. Or a very nice Mercedes. Or go travelling round the... Read more »

Tower Hamlets Council payments to suppliers over £500

This is a cross post from Baynes Media. The Wapping Mole thinks that residents of Wapping and elsewhere in Tower Hamlets might find this useful. No idea why.Open data? Open government? How... Read more »