60 The Highway Public Consultation Event 10th February

There is to be a public consultation event regarding the proposed redevelopment of the Alan Day Volkswagen Garage/Sales room at 60 The Highway on 10th February between 2pm – 8pm. PR BlurbThe PR blurb... Read more »
125-129 Wapping High Street

Wapping High Street development to create 42 new homes

Just when you thought it was safe to read the Tower Hamlets Planning Application Register – another building development in Wapping! This one is 125-129 Wapping High Street, 13-15 Cinnamon Street and 14-15 Clegg... Read more »
Demolition of News International print works, Wapping

London Dock Community Update

Courtesy of Wapping Conservatives please find below a link to a copy of the London Dock Community Update August 2014 from St. George, the developers of the old News International print works. Seems... Read more »
Proposed entrance to London Dock site Vaughan Way.

London Dock wants new site vehicle entrance in Vaughan Way

I hate surprises.Am I the only person in Wapping to know nothing of the plan by London Dock to have another vehicle access entrance in Vaughan Way? Probably not.Indeed it was only... Read more »

Wapping Wander on Sunday 08 June anyone? (yes this Sunday)

Oh. Headline says it all really. No need for the rest of this. But anyway…Anyone fancy a Wapping Wander on Sunday 08 June? (yes this Sunday).Short notice? Yeah, sort of. Sorry. Wanders have... Read more »