Mr Burns the Grey Heron just plain showing off

A tweet reminded our Wildlife Photography Team that they have quite a few decent photographs of Mr Burns, one of the three (yes, three) Grey Herons who can be seen in Wapping.So... Read more »

Trees felled for London Dock HGVs

It has been a disastrous few days for the green lungs of East London. First the news that King Edward Memorial Park is going to be trashed by the Thames Water suits... Read more »

Five cygnets for the Wapping swans

Wapping is delighted to welcome some new residents – five cygnets were born during the week.Many of us have known about the nest location but have kept quiet. And if you don’t know... Read more »
Mayor Lutfur was regretting his decision to talk to a voter.

Tower Hamlets Mayoral election in cartoons #201

This meme has been doing so well on Facebook we have been asked to share it more widely.Click on the image for a bigger version.  Read more »
Alexander von Humboldt II in all her glory.

Wapping welcomes Alexander von Humboldt II to London

Wapping residents enjoyed the sight of the Alexander von Humboldt II this afternoon on her visit to London.The three-masted steel barque was on her way to the Pool of London via our local... Read more »