Payments over £500 by Tower Hamlets council to The Rooted Forum

This is the original data behind the Sankey diagram in the previous which illustrates how funding flows through the council. Read more »

Sankey diagram of grant money flows Tower Hamlets council

This Sankey diagram is an example of the route that funding takes inside Tower Hamlets council before it gets out of the front door. The diagram is a particular type of directional... Read more »

Tower Hamlets grants funding – why the numbers don’t add up

Tower Hamlets council is under scrutiny because of allegations that it has not been entirely even handed in the way it distributes grants across the borough. The Wapping Mole got digging and... Read more »

Tower Hamlets Council payments to suppliers over £500

This is a cross post from Baynes Media. The Wapping Mole thinks that residents of Wapping and elsewhere in Tower Hamlets might find this useful. No idea why.Open data? Open government? How... Read more »