Council Payments To Suppliers Open Data worse than under Lutfur

One part of ridding Tower Hamlets of a corrupt mayor in 2014 was the proof that council grants were being made on the basis of who you voted for, not what you... Read more »

Tower Hamlets Council Transparency Commission begins work

Many things have changed in Tower Hamlets since the democratic election of a directly elected Mayor a couple of months back.First radical change was the democratic election of a directly elected Mayor.Second... Read more »

Child Poverty in Tower Hamlets mapped by ward

Using data from End Child Poverty this map shows the variation in child poverty across Tower Hamlets.  At 49% overall our borough has the highest rate in London.For further context on this subject please see... Read more »

Tower Hamlets Council grants by electoral ward (Detailed table)

Tower Hamlets Council documents show the distribution by electoral ward of £6,752,416 of funds in four grant ‘pots’ to organisations across the Borough.  The four grant pots are: £580,000 Community Faith Buildings... Read more »

What is funded by the Mayor of Tower Hamlets ‘Special Projects’ unit?

Payments in excess of £1m via a ‘Special Projects’ unit within Tower Hamlets council have been revealed by examination of Open Data and responses to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests. The payments... Read more »