Network Wapping NPF Application – yet another kicking.

This morning someone on Twitter had the cheek to ask if Father Christmas existed. What? Of course he does! By way of proof a little present for everyone in the East End... Read more »

Why I object to Network Wapping NPF application (again)

This is the email I have sent to this afternoon. If you wish to submit your own comments regarding this issue you need to do it today. Re: Network Wapping Neighbourhood... Read more »

Why I am supporting the Limehouse NPF application

I sent the email below to this morning in support of the application by the Limehouse Community Forum (LCF) to become a Neighbourhood Planning Forum. Limehouse Community Forum – a real community... Read more »

Object to Network Nuts NPF!

At Love Wapping we like to make your life easier. One way we do this is by making it easy for you to contact the nice people at LBTH Planning and express... Read more »

Limehouse Community Forum objects to Network Wapping NPF

The Limehouse Community Forum (LCF) met on Thursday 7th November 2013 and passed a resolution to condemn the shenanigans that have been going on with Network Wapping Neighbourhood Planning Forum (NPF). “If... Read more »