Network Wapping and the zombie NPF application

Avid viewers of The Walking Dead will know the only way to really kill a zombie is to shoot it in the head with a bullet. Or chop it’s head off. Or... Read more »

Network Wapping NPF Application – yet another kicking.

This morning someone on Twitter had the cheek to ask if Father Christmas existed. What? Of course he does! By way of proof a little present for everyone in the East End... Read more »

Why I object to Network Wapping NPF application (again)

This is the email I have sent to this afternoon. If you wish to submit your own comments regarding this issue you need to do it today. Re: Network Wapping Neighbourhood... Read more »

Why I am supporting the Limehouse NPF application

I sent the email below to this morning in support of the application by the Limehouse Community Forum (LCF) to become a Neighbourhood Planning Forum. Limehouse Community Forum – a real community... Read more »

Limehouse Community Forum objects to Network Wapping NPF

The Limehouse Community Forum (LCF) met on Thursday 7th November 2013 and passed a resolution to condemn the shenanigans that have been going on with Network Wapping Neighbourhood Planning Forum (NPF). “If... Read more »