Lutfur Rahman’s judicial review at Royal Courts of Justice today

It never ends, does it? Seems the corruptly-elected former Mayor Lutfur Rahman is back in court again today trying to overturn the original verdict of the Election Court which found him to... Read more »

Lutfur Rahman out on #GE2017 campaign trail with Oliur Rahman

Lutfur Rahman, corruptly elected ex-Mayor of Tower Hamlets, has been out and about helping his chum Oliur Rahman  the Independent Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Poplar & Limehouse campaigning.As President Donald Trump... Read more »

Tower Hamlets Together – Lutfur Rahman’s comeback party that refuses to die

On January 24th this year LW broke the news that ex-Mayor of Tower Hamlets and ex-leader of Tower Hamlets First Lutfur Rahman was attempting a political comeback under the guise of the ‘Tower... Read more »

First details of Tower Hamlets Together officers emerge

Details of the individuals who may become the officers of Lutfur Rahman’s comeback political party, Tower Hamlets Together, have been provided to us by reliable sources this week although the status of... Read more »

BBC London News – Lutfur Rahman is back (video)

In response to the generous open invitation from Cllr. Mahbub ‘Selfie King Alam [LINK] to the launch of Lutfur Rahman’s new political party BBC London News sent along a very experience news... Read more »