PwC now finalising report on Tower Hamlets council

A reminder to borough residents that from Thursday September 25th auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) have been finalising their report for the Department for Culture and Local Government (DCLG) regarding Tower Hamlets Council. On 4 April 2014... Read more »

The ‘Wapping Neighbourhood Planning Area’ is born.

Here we are once again wasting our time on Network Nuts. So let’s make it brief shall we as we all have more important things to do. Well, I don’t, but it... Read more »

Network Wapping and the zombie NPF application

Avid viewers of The Walking Dead will know the only way to really kill a zombie is to shoot it in the head with a bullet. Or chop it’s head off. Or... Read more »

Champion champions of Wapping & St. Kaths

I have to apologise for posting this rather late but I have been slightly distracted by other events. Last week was the first meeting of the Mayor’s Community Champion Coordinators. Now you... Read more »

Network Wapping NPF Application – yet another kicking.

This morning someone on Twitter had the cheek to ask if Father Christmas existed. What? Of course he does! By way of proof a little present for everyone in the East End... Read more »