Stench of propaganda poisons the air of Tower Hamlets

It’s odd how some stories write themselves. This story is different from the one I was going to write this morning for the simple reason that the one thing I did not... Read more »

Wapping Woods lighting & CCTV update

Good news, Peter and his CCTV and lighting experts have been working hard to get the Wapping Woods lighting and CCTV sorted and he has just sent us a progress report. The... Read more »

Wapping Woods lighting – no need to panic, Peter is on the case.

It seems like only yesterday that Love Wapping was whinging and whining about the state of the lighting in Wapping Woods.Probably because it was only yesterday.Early this morning I started to get... Read more »

Better lighting installed for a safer Wapping

During one of my patrols around Wapping (aka coming back from Waitrose) I noticed a team of workmen attacking the lighting along the canal at the bend between Asher Way and Waterman... Read more »