Candidates! Pick your parties! Lansbury by-election date announced!

The Lansbury ward by-election caused by the resignation of former councillor Muhammad Harun will take place on Thursday 7 February 2019 and the usual scramble to become a candidate for whichever party... Read more »

More details of housing fraud allegations against Tower Hamlets Labour councillor emerge

Further details have emerged of the allegations of housing fraud against Muhammad Harun and that as a Councillor he was a member of the Housing Scrutiny Committee which covers housing fraud. Read more »

Labour councillor Harun resigns over fraud allegations, Lutfur Rahman’s deputy eyes return

Labour Councillor Muhammad Harun has resigned as a Councillor. It is believed that the reason for his resignation is related to allegations of housing fraud. Ohid Ahmed, Lutfur Rahman's deputy, is to... Read more »