Mainstream Grant funding increases

One of the many problems of trying to make sense of how Tower Hamlets Council allocates grants is that the documentation is inconsistent. An example of this is the main PDF file that... Read more »

Tower Hamlets council grants distribution by electoral ward

Analysis indicates that each resident of Spitalfields and Banglatown benefits from £107 of grants in contrast to Millwall residents who only get £2.30. Read more »

Tower Hamlets – all the grants, all the wards, all the money (UPDATED)

Update 18 October 2014. Further analysis has led to the original figures for grant funds being revised upwards. Please see this new post for details. New analysis of Tower Hamlets Council documents shows... Read more »

Tower Hamlets Council grants by electoral ward (Detailed table)

Tower Hamlets Council documents show the distribution by electoral ward of £6,752,416 of funds in four grant ‘pots’ to organisations across the Borough.  The four grant pots are: £580,000 Community Faith Buildings... Read more »