FOI 13186 Shadwell Basin and KEMP response

Citing some lame excuse about becoming a parent or some such trifling detail and his website not working the local planning legend that is Pootling Paul has asked that we publish this response... Read more »

Tower Hamlets – all the grants, all the wards, all the money (UPDATED)

Update 18 October 2014. Further analysis has led to the original figures for grant funds being revised upwards. Please see this new post for details. New analysis of Tower Hamlets Council documents shows... Read more »
Brick Lane - apparently there are restaurants here. Whoever knew?

Council blows £47,000 on 4 hour curry caper

Tower Hamlets Council recently spent a cool £47,000 on the four hour ‘Taste of Brick Lane’ event to remind people that there are restaurants in Brick Lane.£11,750 an hour.Or £196 a minute.Whichever number... Read more »
Metadata from the two PDF documents shows authorship.

Tower Hamlets Council grants funding – FOI 9087 and 9088

Now where was I? Another quiet day for news in Tower Hamlets so no distractions and on with the little data story I started yesterday.So, two documents in response to one FOI... Read more »

Tower Hamlets Council grants funding – Introduction

Note: This research has been undertaken completely independently from any other investigations into Tower Hamlets Council grant funding. (We know our place.)Crikey! What a week for Tower Hamlets! So much going on!First... Read more »