King Edward Memorial Park (KEMP)

Updates on the shafting of King Edward Memorial Park

Very good post from our local Conservative Party on the forthcoming destruction of King Edward Memorial Park. You can read the original post here.Here are some edited highlights from the meeting St.... Read more »

60 The Highway Public Consultation Event 10th February

There is to be a public consultation event regarding the proposed redevelopment of the Alan Day Volkswagen Garage/Sales room at 60 The Highway on 10th February between 2pm – 8pm. PR BlurbThe PR blurb... Read more »
Save King Edward Memorial Park

London super sewer ‘waste of money’ says Binnie

Professor Chris Binnie, who led the original assessment of the London super sewer, is quoted in the Guardian newspaper as saying that  “The tunnel will do what it says it will do. But... Read more »
125-129 Wapping High Street

Wapping High Street development to create 42 new homes

Just when you thought it was safe to read the Tower Hamlets Planning Application Register – another building development in Wapping! This one is 125-129 Wapping High Street, 13-15 Cinnamon Street and 14-15 Clegg... Read more »

London Dock public meeting today Tuesday 23rd September 5-8 PM

There is rumour of a London Dock meeting / drop-in session for Wapping residents on Tuesday 23rd September 5-8 PM. We say ‘rumour’ as there is nothing to be seen on the London... Read more »