Tower Hamlets excluded from 2018 voter identity pilot

Tower Hamlets residents voting in the 2018 local and Mayoral elections are to be excluded from the pilot of a scheme that requires voters to prove their identity at the ballot box.... Read more »

DCLG takes full control of Tower Hamlets Council

BREAKING NEWS: Eric Pickles has announced that the DCLG is taking full control of Tower Hamlets Council to ‘clean up rotten practices’ The content of the three tweets that announced the news... Read more »

DCLG Commissioners clamp down on Tower Hamlets grants

The Commissioners sent in by Eric Pickles to sort out Tower Hamlets council have begun to publish the results of their work on the Main Stream Grants (MSG) shambles. Have a look... Read more »
Mayor Lutfur Rahman

Rahman calls DCLG proposals ‘excessive and disproportionate’

As we have not had a comedy item on <heart> Wapping for some time we thought you might like to read Mayor Lutfur’s response to the PwC report and the DCLG. You... Read more »

Mayor’s office attempts to rewrite history – and fails.

A web page on Mayor Lutfur Rahman’s web blog  has been altered in an attempt to support the Mayor’s claims that he did not interfere in the allocation of grants. Examination of an... Read more »