Council staff warned not to destroy records

Below is a photo taken of what is presumably the content of an email sent to Tower Hamlets Council staff printed and stuck on the door of the Executive Mayor’s office at... Read more »

Wapping Mole advises Mayor Lutfur on digging strategy

Everyone seems to be talking about the MPS statement re Tower Hamlets and what it means so we are reproducing it below. Update following BBC Panorama on London Borough of Tower Hamlets... Read more »

Violent muggings in Wapping – but how many?

Normally sedate Wapping has once again become the scene of violent muggings. The question is just how many? Three confirmed assaults in Wapping WoodsIn just over a week there have been three... Read more »

Wapping Woods lighting & CCTV update

Good news, Peter and his CCTV and lighting experts have been working hard to get the Wapping Woods lighting and CCTV sorted and he has just sent us a progress report. The... Read more »
Sign, Wapping Dock Street

Wapping Woods: is Tower Hamlets Council incapable of fixing lightbulbs?

Evening all!As some of you may know the entire Love Wapping team has been slightly incapacitated recently and as part of their recovery plan they are undertaking several short walks a day.In... Read more »