Press freedom in Tower Hamlets – formal complaint re Takki Sulaiman

To: Stephen Halsey, Head of Paid Service, Tower Hamlets councilDate: 14 June 2014 Formal Complaint re Takki SulaimanI would like to lodge a formal complaint regarding the veracity of a statement made... Read more »
Ted Jeory gives the thumbs up.

Press freedom in Tower Hamlets. Some questions for Takki Sulaiman from Ted Jeory

Response by Ted Jeory to the email from me to Takki Sulaiman on the previous post here. Takki, The council’s visitors’ book in the town hall reception will show I turned up... Read more »

Takki Sulaiman explains why Ted Jeory was ejected from Tower Hamlets council meeting.

This is the email I have received this morning from Takki Sulaiman, Director of Communications at Tower Hamlets council,  in response to my post regarding Ted Jeory being thrown out of a... Read more »
Takki Sulaiman

Tower Hamlets council restrictions on freedom of press – an email to Takki Sulaiman (updated)

 To: Freedom of press to report on Tower Hamlets councilDate: 11 June 2014Dear Mr SulaimanI am writing to ask what further measures you will be taking to restrict the ability of... Read more »