Tower Hamlets – all the grants, all the wards, all the money (UPDATED)

Update 18 October 2014. Further analysis has led to the original figures for grant funds being revised upwards. Please see this new post for details. New analysis of Tower Hamlets Council documents shows... Read more »
Döner Kebab in_Istanbul photo by Döner_Kebab in Istanbul, photo by Matt @ PEK

Mayor Lutfur spends £128,000 trying to block BBC Panorama documentary

Ah what it is to be so rich you can blow £128,000.  You could get 25,000 Doner kebabs for that – and chips. Or a very nice Mercedes. Or go travelling round the... Read more »

John Ware – Why Tower Hamlets needs investigation

‘A measured and valid inquiry into governance under Rahman’A calm and considered letter from John Ware, BBC Panorama reporter, in the Guardian responds to the poison spread by Mayor Lutfur and his apologists in... Read more »

Wapping Mole advises Mayor Lutfur on digging strategy

Everyone seems to be talking about the MPS statement re Tower Hamlets and what it means so we are reproducing it below. Update following BBC Panorama on London Borough of Tower Hamlets... Read more »

Town Hall raid ‘excellent boost to campaign’ says Wapping candidate.

What was your reaction to yesterday’s news that the Town Hall was raided by the DCLG at 8am? Orwellian Doublespeak“An excellent boost to our campaign as we can clear the air and... Read more »