The Wapping cygnets are flying away (photos)

The Wapping cygnets are all grown up now (well, almost) and they are beginning to fly away. One has already left so if you want to see them before they go best... Read more »
Mum and 10 ducklings

Mystery as Wapping ducklings fall victim to mysterious predator

Update 13:02 hrs Saturday – Eel sighting confirmed!First there were ten. Then there were five. Then four. Then one.Now? None.The Wapping ducklings have disappeared.But who or what is responsible? The answer may... Read more »
Image © Seb 2015

Seven new cygnets for Wapping

Great news! The Wapping swans are now proud parents to seven cygnets! The latest Waeppas hatched a couple of days ago and earlier than expected.Here are some great photos of the cygnets... Read more »

Swan-tastic news for Wapping – again!

The Wapping Canal swans have six eggs on their nest! It seems only yesterday that the five cygnets from the last brood zoomed off, now the cycle begins again. Shh! It’s a... Read more »