Wapping swan reflected in the canal.

Wildlife Rangers Field Report: What has happened to the Wapping swan?

Several residents have asked our Wildlife Rangers (Wapping Canal Team, North Side) what has happened to the pair of residents swans on Wapping Canal? Because they are not a pair anymore, just... Read more »

Limehouse cygnets enjoying a porridge oats breakfast

While the Wapping swans have only managed to breed one cygnet this year the Limehouse swans have four cygnets. We sent our Wildlife Documentary Team over to Limehouse to prove that there is... Read more »

Goose annoys swan, swan chases goose (photos)

The Wapping swans may only have the one cygnet this year but they protect their territory with the same resolution as ever. This afternoon one of our visiting geese made the mistake... Read more »

Wapping swans – only one cygnet this year

It seems that only one of the nine eggs that the Wapping swans laid on their nest has hatched. Sad news that it is we should all consider ourselves lucky we have these... Read more »

Wapping swans have six eggs on the nest

Our Wapping swans have six eggs on their nest and, as our swans tend to breed earlier than most places, it is highly likely we will have some new cygnets soon.Our Wildlife Rangers... Read more »