Sign, Wapping Dock Street

Wapping Urban Wildlife Ranger Patrol Report #723 (Birdie Edition)

Urban Wildlife Ranger Patrol team at full capacityIn response to the hot weather over the Bank Holiday the Love Wapping Wildlife Ranger Patrol team has been working at full capacity.Adopting Response Plan... Read more »
Sign, Wapping Dock Street

First wild raven seen in London since 1850

Wapping home to wild ravenIt’s a well known fact to people who live here that Wapping is teeming with wildlife. Foxes, herons, squirrels, huge carp in the canal, numerous small birds of... Read more »
Determined squirrel after nuts

Local squirrels react to What’s in Wapping closure

          The scene: Wapping Rose Garden, aka ‘Squirrel Park’The tree: Big one in the middleThe time: Present dayTwo of Wapping’s finest squirrels are sitting in a tree eating nuts and discussing current affairs.... Read more »
Sign, Wapping Dock Street

Wapping, wildlife heaven

On my morning wander along the canal I spotted Mr Burns, our local heron, doing a spot of fishing.I hardly noticed him at first as he was standing so still. It continues... Read more »