Mr Burns gets his (Tesco) sprats

The entire Love Wapping management and editorial team wish to apologise for this week’s excess of heavy duty electoral corruption stories and make amends by bringing you some photographs of one of... Read more »

Mr Burns fishing at Limehouse marina lock

It has been some time since Mr Burns the Grey Heron has graced the pages of LW so it is high time we caught up with one of Wapping’s favourite birds.Our Wildlife... Read more »

Mr Burns outwits Shadwell Basin crows

Mr. Burns demonstrated why he is Mr. Burns this afternoon as he outwitted several crows. Amidst much screeching Mr. Burns was spotted flying low over Shadwell Basin closely pursued by three very... Read more »

Female kingfisher seen in Wapping – there are two!

At 11.07 AM today a female kingfisher was spotted in addition to the existing male, Kevin. This is amazing news!It is not known if they are a breeding pair but let’s get... Read more »

Mr Burns the Grey Heron just plain showing off

A tweet reminded our Wildlife Photography Team that they have quite a few decent photographs of Mr Burns, one of the three (yes, three) Grey Herons who can be seen in Wapping.So... Read more »