“I say chaps, I really have had it with this very small snake on this DLR train!”

Love Wapping's Wildlife Rangers rarely find the need to carry out their patrols on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) for the very good reason that there is not a lot of wildlife... Read more »

Shadwell Basin footpath overrun with rats (Warning: story contains rats)

If you go down to Shadwell Basin today you are in for a big surprise - because the footpath at the southern end of the Basin is overrun with rats.  Read more »

Wildlife under threat as takeover of Shadwell Basin by swimmers continues

The numerous unauthorised swimmers in Shadwell Basin have ignored polite requests not to swim in the old dock and have now decided to remodel it based on their own needs to the... Read more »
Wapping swan reflected in the canal.

Wildlife Rangers Field Report: What has happened to the Wapping swan?

Several residents have asked our Wildlife Rangers (Wapping Canal Team, North Side) what has happened to the pair of residents swans on Wapping Canal? Because they are not a pair anymore, just... Read more »

King Henrys Wharf development – fox family chased from their home

Last night an alert resident spotted the fox family that lives in the waste ground in Brewhouse Lane opposite Phoenix Wharf being chased from their home by two men with a dog. Read more »