Officer details of Lutfur Rahman’s Aspire Party released

In response to questions by LW and numerous local politicians the Electoral Commission has now confirmed the names associated with the application for the Aspire Party. Read more »

Tower Hamlets Together – Lutfur Rahman’s comeback party that refuses to die

On January 24th this year LW broke the news that ex-Mayor of Tower Hamlets and ex-leader of Tower Hamlets First Lutfur Rahman was attempting a political comeback under the guise of the ‘Tower... Read more »

Refusal to support Ohid Ahmed gets Lutfur Rahman fuming

A bad week for Lutfur Rahman. On Thursday his Tower Hamlets Together party application was rejected by the Electoral Commission then yesterday his loyal followers turn out to be not so loyal.The... Read more »

Electoral event for Lutfur Rahman today at 27 Emmott Close E1 4QN

Two years after the judgement of the electoral petition that Lutfur Rahman and every single one of his Tower Hamlets First councillors had been corruptly elected he and his followers continue to ignore... Read more »

Lutfur Rahman’s next campaigning appearance – on council premises

For those of you who have yet to fall under the spell of Lutfur Rahman it seems his next campaigning appearance will be at 6pm this Sunday 26th February at 27 Emmott... Read more »