Tower Hamlets First ceases to exist

The Electoral Commission has informed Tower Hamlets First that the ‘party’ has been removed from the register of political parties.“Following the Court’s judgment in the Tower Hamlets election petition on 23 April,... Read more »

Mayor ditched, now ditch directly-elected Mayor role

Updated with statement from John Biggs at bottom of page.After last week’s judgement in the Royal Courts of Justice some might ask why not completely abolish the position of directly-elected Mayor in... Read more »

Special ‘You had one job’ Souvenir Poster Download

In celebration of the events of Thursday LW is offering all (well, both) it’s readers the opportunity to download this special ‘cut-out-and-keep’ poster of the ex-Mayor and chum.Click the image above to... Read more »

St. George’s Day was Armageddon day for Tower Hamlets First

Ooh what a kerfuffle!  Scenes of elation and defeat inside and outside Court 38 at the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand today as Electoral Commissioner Mawrey QC delivered a damning... Read more »

Borough residents buy ex-Mayor leaving present

Residents of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets have clubbed together to buy ex-Mayor Lutfur Rahman a house to express their feelings after he was found guilty of electoral fraud and corruption... Read more »