Döner Kebab in_Istanbul photo by Döner_Kebab in Istanbul, photo by Matt @ PEK

Mayor Lutfur spends £128,000 trying to block BBC Panorama documentary

Ah what it is to be so rich you can blow £128,000.  You could get 25,000 Doner kebabs for that – and chips. Or a very nice Mercedes. Or go travelling round the... Read more »
Takki Sulaimain, Ted Jeory, Mayor Lutfur Rahman

Tower Hamlets Council – another day, another formal complaint for Mayor Lutfur Rahman

Residents of Tower Hamlets use lots of interesting adjectives to describe the current administration of their local council.Few of them are printable. ‘Tiresome’ is one word that is.For some reason the current Tower Hamlets... Read more »
Mayor Lutfur Rahman and shredded paper.

Tower Hamlets elections – details of allegations against Mayor Lutfur by High Court petitioners emerge

Thanks to Ted Jeory who tweets breaking news even when he is on holiday some details are beginning to surface of the allegations against Mayor Lutfur Rahman by the High Court petitioners who consider... Read more »

New law allows press and public to film in Town Hall

Can life get any better than this? I think not.  Eric Pickles, Local Government Secretary and general Council Arse Kicker about town, has signed a Parliamentary order “allowing press and public to... Read more »
Brown Paws, Acting Chief Executive

Exclusive: DCLG asks Wapping Squirrels to run Tower Hamlets Council

Love Wapping can exclusively reveal that the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has decided to ask the Wapping Squirrels to run Tower Hamlets Council.This statement to the House of Commons by Communities... Read more »