£63,000 financial irregularities at Tower Hamlets community centre

Whisper it quietly but at the last Tower Hamlets Council cabinet meeting on 21st March there was public mention of around £63k of financial irregularities at Raines House Wapping - this is... Read more »

Another Raines House consultation – with only 24 hours notice

There will be another 'consultation' about the proposal to spend £1.3m on renovating Raines House to upgrade its function as a Wapping community centre tomorrow Wednesday 22nd May between 4-8pm at Raines... Read more »

Wapping Mole makes guest non-appearance on Order Order!

The Wapping Mole was just brushing his whiskers for a night out under the town when one (or possibly both) of his keen eyed readers told him that the venerable Guido Fawkes... Read more »

New council shakes money tree – finds more cash for cabinet members

Documentation seen by LW seem to indicate that one of the first orders of business for the newly elected Labour council of Tower Hamlets is to award themselves increases in their Special... Read more »

Big Half Marathon event to invade Wapping Sunday 4th March

Wapping is to be completely disrupted on Sunday 4th March as the ‘Big Half’ marathon event will come through the streets of Wapping as well as along The Highway. This event has... Read more »