Conservatives fight nursery closures as Labour luvvies fret over vocal performances

Only in Tower Hamlets could traditional political roles be so totally reversed that the two Conservative councillors should table a motion to full cabinet questioning Labour’s decision to close three Local Authority... Read more »

Tower Hamlets council key roles and committee appointments announced (yawn)

The new Labour administration of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets has confirmed the names of the councillors who have been appointed to the key roles and committees at its recent Annual... Read more »

‘Corrupt and illegal’ only a legal term say corruptly elected THF councillors

The Wapping Mole has obtained a copy of the amendment tabled by Tower Hamlets First councillors that led to them walking out of Council the other week in a right huff. It is... Read more »

We said to NOT mention the criminal investigation. And you have. Yes – you!

We said to not mention the criminal investigation into alleged criminal activities during the Lutfur Rahman administration and then you do! Why? Read more »

Whatever you do – please do not mention the CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION!

Those titans of local democracy known as Tower Hamlets First struck yet another blow for their own freedom last week by fearlessly standing up and walking out of Council. Read more »